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Welcome to Peach Valley CSA..

" When Tillage Begins, Other Arts follow. The Farmers therefore, are the Founders of Civilization "....Daniel Webster

Our Farm became a "Community Farm" in the early 1990's, when we first began to offer harvest (CSA) shares . We've been farming full time since then.

As the first CSA farm on the Western Slope, (second CSA in the State), we have seen many recent variations in this farming model. We continue to operate our CSA in the traditional way, whereby we take on a limited number of shares for each season, and close sales when shares are full.

At Peach Valley, we also emphasize traditions of seasonal foods, biodynamic methods, and a "slow farm" *, personal approach to agriculture. We emphasize simplicity, accessibility, and transparancy. We grow most foods outdoors, in our farm raised organic dirt. Our goal is to produce high quality, fresh produce, in the context of local community.

Our yearly farm crews are made up of the full time worker / owners, Ken and Gail, plus several seasonal apprentices, along with (10) "working members" (1/2 day per summer week).

Several unheated hoophouse and coldframe structures help extend the seasons. We currently farm over six acres of row crops and pasture, and lease several acres of fruit trees. We grow over 30 types (150 varieties) vegetables, 50 varieties herbs and flowers, 12 varieties heirloom apples, and 5 varieties of apricots.

Our annual farm effort , in conjunction with several other local, sustainable and organic farms, produces food to supply approximately 100 member families with shares of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, eggs for nearly forty weeks of the year.

Our homesteading and small farming venture began here in late 1970's. Garden and orchard areas have been farmed using organic techniques, without chemical inputs for over 30 years. Soil health is accomplished through crop rotations, aged manures, and compost from flocks of chickens and fall turkeys.

Nestled along the Colorado River corridor, about 150 miles west of Denver, our region is popular for summer and winter recreation and light industry. Rich soils, abundant sunshine, excellent water, and a moderate climate also make it very productive for agriculture.

This area known as Peach Valley is an historic agricultural area, with numerous small farms, ranches and orchards. It lies about 15 miles west of Glenwood Springs, between the towns of New Castle and Silt. The area sits at about 5,500 feet in the central Rocky Mountains. Surrounded by majestic mountains, national forest lands, high desert plateaus and colorful mesas, the region carries the mark of ancient oceans and was the ancestral home of the Ute Mountain Indians.

Water from the Flat Tops area of the White River National Forest serves the valley through ditches diverted from the Elk Creeks, north of New Castle. Farm labor is done primarily by hand with the help of several small tractors and tillers.

Shares correspond to the Seasons:

Spring Salad Garden (March - May),

Summer Garden, Summer Orchard (June - October),

Winter Storage (November – February).

See subscription form for pricing and share availability.

We welcome your interest and participation in building the local, small farm revival.

Last update January 2022

Map of Peach Valley CSA - Click map for link to Google Maps