Welcome to Peach Valley CSA

A "Community Supported Agriculture" farm

What type of apprenticeship do you anticipate? Why do you want to farm? Why in the Rockies?

What type of routines, study text, work hours, do you envision?

What monetary stipend or other amenities do you expect in exchange for your work?

What length of stay do you foresee?

Would anyone be joining you during your stay?

Are there specific dates during the season you would need to be gone from the farm?

To help us better plan living arrangements; please tell us your age and gender.

With numerous people in our house, what might your concerns be?

Are you willing to share sleeping quarters and bathroom space with others?

Do you have sleeping bag and camping gear?

Do you have particular eating habits, food preferences, or allergies?

Physical work and farming go together. Comment on your health: ability to lift 50 lbs., knee and back strength, working long, hot days, ability to handle stress.

What personal interests and hobbies do you enjoy?

Do you have any pets?

Do you have your own transportation?

Do you have a current driver's license ? A good driving record ?

What skills, ideas and energy will you bring to this apprenticeship?

Are you willing/able to come for an interview or be here for a two week trial period?

Please provide work references. Resumes are optional.

Please provide us your full name, a current address, and phone number where you can be reached.

Thanks for your information. Answering all questions increases chances of acceptance. We look forward to getting acquainted as the season gets underway. Please reply within two weeks if you’re interested!

Return via email, fax or snail mail to: