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Our herbal flower bouquets are a refreshing mix of colorful flowers, medicinal and culinary herbs, flowering grains, and grasses. They are a delight to the eyes and the senses. Like other farm production, they follow the seasons, beginning with cold hardy flowers in the early summer, larger, brighter colors of the main summer to the hardy everlastings and their fall colors. They are cut fresh weekly, in the early morning and evening hours, and kept in water in the cooler until delivery. They usually last well into the following week, and can be hung to dry for future uses.

Herbs such as mint, calendula, coriander, sage, basil, oregano, borage, lavender, and rosemary, are combined tastefully with flowers such as snap dragons, sweet peas, cosmos, bachelor button, Sweet William, rudbeckia, agastache, celosia, amaranth, echinacea, baby's breath, zinnia, sunflowers, statice and yarrow. Each week's bouquet is a unique, one of a kind creation which will add color, aroma and beauty to any room or table.

Gail does the majority of maintenance, harvest, and creative arranging for these bouquets. With over twenty years experience working with these bouquets, and a real eye for color combinations and artistic expression she puts heart and soul into each one. She can do some customizing as the season progresses if she knows your preferences.

“I attempt to capture the changing landscape of seasonal herbs and flowers into a bouquet of incredible smells, beauty, and personal touch". - Gail